TPEx Investor Conference - Increasing the Spotlight on Biotechnology and Medical Care

Biotechnology and Medical Care industry operation and performance presentations held on the Taipei Exchange on May 24. TPEx deputy CEO Ying-Kuei Lin (second from left) and delegates from biotechnology and Medical Care listing companies.

On May 24, Taipei Exchange again held operation and performance presentations, this time titled “Biotechnology and Medical Care (II)”. One of the TPEx listed companies invited was TaiMed Biologics (4147), a pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing new drugs that can cure and prevent HIV. In the presentation, TaiMed Biologics provided a full description of its corporate organizational structure, HIV drug development milestones, relationships with partners, current operations, and important future goals. Also present at the event was GGA Corp. (4160), which specializes in genetic testing and precision medicine, and which presented investors with an explanation and analysis of the firm’s two major operational divisions, five aspects of precision medicine, recent operational performance, and future growth potential. Domestic medical device giant AmCad BioMed Corporation (4188), specializing in smart medical imaging devices, provided a detailed briefing on the company’s history, product characteristics, current operational model, and future prospects. Upper-level management from all 3 businesses personally delivered the presentations, and were all met with positive feedback from investors. The presentation proved to be extremely successful and fruitful.

TPEx deputy CEO Ying-Kuei Lin stated that biotechnology and medical care is an important special industry in the TPEx family. The biotechnology industry encompasses a wide range of fields, such as new drug R&D, medical devices, medical retailers, health supplements, as well as aesthetic medicine and skincare. Biotechnology investments are high-risk and have long time horizons; new drugs are also subject to authorization or transfer of value at all stages of the R&D process. In consideration of these factors, investors are encouraged to learn more about these kinds of investments by browsing the “Pharmaceutics” section on TPEx’s Industry Value Chain Information Platform and familiarizing themselves with the long process of new drug development and its associated risks. By accessing platform information, investors can gain more insight into the development procedures of new drugs. In the meantime, continued support for top biotechnology firms in the Taiwanese capital market from investors will be highly appreciated, as it is precisely this type of support that enables these firms to become more competitive in the global market.