Taiwan's health care ranked No. 1 in world for 2021

Taiwan's health care system ranked 1st in world for 3rd year in a row

In the midst of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, Taiwan’s health care system has been ranked as the best in the world for the third year running in Numbeo’s annual online survey.

Under the online database’s Health Care Index category for 2021, Taiwan received a score of 86.39 out of 100, a slight drop from its score of 86.71 from last year but higher than the 86.22 mark it received in 2019. This year’s score was still more than enough to rank it 1st among the 93 countries on the list.

Trailing Taiwan in second place was South Korea with a score of 82.34, and in third place was France with a mark of 80.99. Dropping a spot to fourth place this year was Japan at 80.68, followed by Denmark at 79.96, Spain at 78.80, Austria at 78.40, Thailand at 78.08, Australia at 77.71, and Finland at 76.40, rounding out the top 10.

Under the category Health Care Exp Index, Taiwan also took the top spot at 158.95. The second through eighth spots remained the same as Health Care Index, but the 10th place spot for Health Care Exp Index was seized by Switzerland, pushing Finland to 11th place for the category.

China came in at a lowly 40th place for its Health Care Index score of 66.38, and the country ranked 42nd for its Health Care Exp Index rating of 119.01. According to Numbeo, the rankings are based on surveys from website visitors who are tasked with rating the overall quality of health care in their countries.

Its Health Care Index category is a rating of the “overall quality of the healthcare system, health care professionals, equipment, staff, doctors, cost, etc…” The Health Care Exp Index takes the Health Care Index of a country and raises it exponentially if a health care system is rated as having better quality.

Date: 2021-01-19
Source: Taiwan News