Taiwan to become Asia's centre of excellence for the production and development of advanced medical devices

The "Opportunities and Challenges for Taiwan to Become an Important Global Medical Devices Supply Chain" conference was held on 18 February

The “Opportunities and Challenges for Taiwan to Become an Important Global Medical Devices Supply Chain” conference was held on 18 February, focusing on four main facets including 1) intelligent healthcare, 2) innovative medical devices, 3) CDMO, and 4) international trade and marketing, which will promote leading IT/ICT companies to enter Southeast Asia for medical device validation. The development of CDMO should help innovation, move from “outside the body” to “inside the body”, increase the added value to the largest extendt, be part of supply-chian partners for multinational corporates, and move towards the goal of being a high-end medical device production and R&D centre in Asia. The conference was hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and inivted the government and professional bodies in Taiwan to envisage strategies and action plans.

In terms of developing smart healthcare, in order to accelerate the strong alliance between Taiwan’s medical industry (BIO) and the information technology industry (ICT), we will promote the entry of major information and communication companies into the platform to take the lead in integrating biomedical software and hardware manufacturers to form a comprehensive medical service solution team, and to enter Southeast Asia to conduct medical field validation, so that Taiwan’s medical materials industry will have greater access to healthcare in the future.

In addition, to accelerate the production of PMA/DeNovo innovative medical devices, the ministry will not only continue to strengthen material innovation, but also integrate Taiwan’s ICT and sensing core technologies to develop innovative medical devices and digital psychotherapy with feedback on treatment effects, taking the needs of clinicians as the starting point.

In terms of CDMO, the ministry will assist biomedical companies to upgrade their essential processing technologies and develop products that can be used inside the body. In addition, it will assist the domestic semiconductor/electronic/ICT industry to innovate across the board and enter the high-end supply chains of global medical device manufacturers to expand the market and enhance added value.

In terms of international marketing, the ministry will focus on the needs of multinational medical device manufacturers, and through high-level contacts in Taiwan, it will carry out precise marketing to establish cooperation channels with them.

The event was attended by a number of participants, including: ASUS Cloud, Advantech, Compal, NTU Hospital and more than 10 companies representing medical device and CDMO sectors.

Date: 2023-02-20
Source: Healthcare+ Expo