Taiwan Expo USA kicks off Oct. 12

Taiwan is one of the United States’ most important partners, but aside from tensions with China and its prevalence in quality manufacturing, the average American may not actually know much about the country.

Taiwan is one of the United States’ most important partners, but aside from tensions with China and its prevalence in quality manufacturing, the average American may not actually know much about the country.

This October, Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BOFT), and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) will host the first ever ‘Taiwan Expo USA’ at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade center in Washington, D.C. from October 12-14. The upcoming Taiwan Expo USA will be a celebration of Taiwan and the USA rock-solid alliance and friendship. Near 100 exhibitors will showcase Taiwan’s leading technologies, rich culture, vibrant arts and natural landscapes. The companies in attendance will display Taiwan’s leading products and innovations, highlight how these products can create a more sustainable future, and how the US can be a partner in these initiatives.

“We are thrilled to host the first-ever Taiwan Expo USA,” said James C. F. Huang, chairman of TAITRA. “Taiwan Expo USA is a seed of hope that we want to plant, grow and blossom in the lush land of the free, the USA. Together, let us create a better world and a more sustainable future through U.S.-Taiwan cooperation.”

“That would be a great experience for anyone who wants to see Taiwan. Not that they can’t make it there right now, but it would be a great sneak peek. Taiwan is more than semiconductors, and it is the greatest way for people to see the diversified aspect of Taiwanese culture in person,” said Huang.

The three-day event features 10 themed pavilions covering products and services under seven major segments including “5G and smart City, smart vehicles, smart health care and biotech, Metaverse, recreation, culture, and tourism and food.”

The Taiwan Excellence pavilion will feature technological advances in fitness, leisure and e-sports, including gaming laptops and technologies. Attendees can find out how people can have a better future with Taiwan Excellence’s technology. The 5G and smart city pavilion will provide an immersive experience to visitors, giving guests a glimpse into how life will look like in smart cities buttressed by innovative and forward-looking transportation, vocational and recreational technologies of the future. The smart vehicle pavilion will showcase the smart mobility ecosystem of Taiwan, which is classified into five major themes: integrated EV platform, charging solutions, autonomous driving, smart cockpit and battery. Visitors will get the opportunity to experience a sneak peek into tomorrow’s smart future with the latest technology.

The health care pavilion will showcase products and services in smart clinics, telemedicine and biotechnology. Prominent hospitals and medical technology companies will show how artificial intelligence can be applied to enable smart health care and telemedicine, as well as enhancing medical imaging. Meanwhile, biotechnology companies will demonstrate new technologies for drug development, vaccine production and manufacturing.

The Metaverse pavilion will look to expand consumer awareness of the technology and its potentials, through immersive, interactive experiences featuring dinosaurs and Taiwan’s tourism mascot, the moon bear. Using mobile AR technologies and smart apps, attendees will be able to experience science fiction, fantasy and mystery settings, collect digital prizes, and record their experiences with photos and videos.

There will also be a Smart Mobility Forum and a Medical Innovation Forum, featuring keynote speeches and moderated panels, on October 12.

The Taiwan Expo will also be open to the public, and looks to introduce Americans to Taiwan’s culture, as well as the best its industries have to offer.

Cultural performances will also be a mainstay of all three days of the expo, including food, crafts, games and a popup dance event. The Taiwan Expo will also feature a display of “Miao Kou” culture, which literally translates to “outside the temple.” Religion is a cultural institution in Taiwan, with a diverse set of beliefs and deities. Temples are prominent cultural hubs, with vibrant local markets surrounding them, which the Expo will seek to recreate as an experience. In addition, Taiwan Expo will hold “happy hour” events during the three days; visitors will have the chance to taste the most popular drink in the world: boba milk tea at the Taiwan Food Pavilion.

This expo aims to highlight the U.S. and Taiwan’s robust and buoyant economic ties, including seamless collaboration on building up the resilience of the global supply chain, and to bolster bilateral economic, cultural and people-to-people connections, especially in tech industries that will drive our future.

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Date: 2022-09-23