TAITRA Presents Top Products at MEDICA 2018

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) promotes the sale of Taiwanese products at home and abroad. At today's MEDICA press conference, TAITRA focused on particularly innovative products from the fields of medical technology and e-health.

At today’s MEDICA press conference, TAITRA focused on particularly innovative products from the fields of medical technology and e-health.( Fifth from left is Director General, Department of Life Sciences ,Woei-Jer Chuang; Sixth from left is Deputy Minister Dar-Bin Shieh)

Five Taiwanese exhibitors took the opportunity to present their latest product innovations to international trade journalists. At the invitation of TAITRA, representatives from HTC, Taiwan Main Orthopedics, AmCad BioMed, BAUI Biotech and Rehabotics Medical Technology stood before an engaged audience and presented insights into the ambitious research and development work in Taiwan as well as their latest product innovations.

For example, the HTC Group relies heavily on virtual reality and impresses in two respects with the VR glasses VIVE. First, VIVE provides access to the first anatomical 3D atlas. On the other hand, the glasses have already achieved initial successes in the therapy of the fear of heights. Absolutely innovative is the fact that the therapy is accompanied by a virtual trainer instead of a human therapist.

The Virtual Dissection Table and the surgical glasses from Taiwan Main Orthopedics are also highly technical. The treatment table, which displays fully anatomical structures and, is suitable both for teaching purposes and for planning surgical interventions. The intelligent surgical spectacles complement the range and enable doctors to partially look into the patient’s body during a minimally invasive procedure and to display a 3D model of nerves and vessels.

AmCad BioMed Corporation is countering obstructive sleep apnea syndrome with a promising new diagnostic device. The AmCAD-UO consists of a positioning system and computer-aided recognition software. After only ten minutes, the AmCAD-UO provides accurate results and thus ensures efficiency and flexibility in treatment.

After two years of research and development, BAUI Biotech launches the NOVA Minimally Invasive System, which can be used to optimize surgical procedures on the spine. Both the patient and the surgeon benefit from the versatile small screw. The NOVA system effectively stabilizes the spinal column using polyaxial screws with long, fragile blades.

Rehabotics Medical Technology Corporation presents an innovative robotics product. The Mirror Hand was developed to support and accelerate the rehabilitation of the hands, for example after strokes, and to provide patients with practical help in coping with their everyday lives. Weighing only 750 grams, it is by far one of the lightest robotic rehabilitation devices for the hand.

Taiwan relies on technological progress For many years, Taiwan has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a location for the manufacture of high-quality consumer electronics and medical technology equipment, which the small country has now been able to develop into a significant competitive advantage. TAITRA is committed to those companies that are entering the market with particularly innovative ideas and acts as a partner, mediator and consultant when it comes to initiating and concluding transactions between Taiwanese companies and customers at home and abroad. At the TAITRA joint exhibition stand at the current MEDICA, 15 companies present their new products, which have received the “Taiwan Excellence Award”.


TAITRA was founded in 1970 as a non-profit trade promotion organization. Supported by the Taiwanese government, TAITRA opens up new national and international sales markets for member companies from various sectors. TAITRA has created the “Taiwan Excellence” label, which is awarded every year to particularly innovative products or companies. TAITRA is headquartered in Taiwan’s capital Taipei. The organization has a total of 61 branches worldwide. In Germany, TAITRA has two offices in Düsseldorf and Munich.