Taipei Bioinnovation Park inauguration

Taiwan's first major biotechnology industry cluster, was inaugurated on 30 March, with the Chairman of Century Biotech Development Corporation

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Taipei Bioinnovation Park, Taiwan’s first major biotechnology industry cluster, was inaugurated on 30 March, with the Chairman of Century Biotech Development Corporation, Mr. Mao-hsiung Huang (黃茂雄), inviting the Mayor of Taipei, Mr. Wan-an Chiang, and over 300 distinguished guests from home and abroad to witness the opening ceremony.

The well-connected, well-located Taipei Bioinnovation Park will drive the linkage of Taiwan’s biotechnology industry. To the south, it is close to Academia Sinica and the National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP), and to the north, it is connected to the existing science and technology parks and the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and to the west, it is close to the Nangang Station and the five railways, which form a transportation hub that can quickly connect to other counties and international airports.

Mr. Jin-Pyng Wang, President of IBMI, said in a speech that the park will become an artistic and humanistic landmark in Nangang upon completion. IBMI has organised a number of large-scale exhibitions and forums, and its future presence in the Park will continue to drive the development of Taiwan’s biotechnology industry. The Park will attract many biotechnology companies from China, Japan and the United States, and is expected to integrate industry and government resources to promote industrial innovation, strengthen supply chain cooperation, and pursue business opportunities in the international market.

Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Associate Dean and Special Professor of the Graduate School of Advanced Studies of Kyoto University, Tasuku Honjo (本庶佑), in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors of FBRI, the Japanese organization promoting the Kobe Medical City, expressed his congratulations, and hoped that the Kobe Medical City would work closely with the Taipei Biotechnology Park in the future to promote the value chain of the biotechnology industry in Taiwan and Japan, and to drive innovative cooperation and business opportunities.

The Park’s software and hardware will provide new office, laboratory and small-scale pilot plant space to continue to serve biotech and high-tech companies, and to create new industrial parks based on the clustering effect of the existing Nangang Software Park, in order to attract domestic and foreign companies to stay in Taipei and increase domestic production value. The Taipei Bioinnovation Park is a “triple-win” opportunity to attract domestic and foreign manufacturers to stay in Taipei, increase domestic production capacity, and create employment opportunities for high-end talents.

The official opening of the Taipei Bioinnovation Park has attracted a large number of biotech and medical companies to make inquiries. According to Century Biotech Development Corporation’s internal statistics, more than 30 biotech and medical companies are expected to move in, with the five major categories of “biopharmaceuticals”, “cell therapy”, “biotech services”, “advanced medical devices” and “smart health” accounting for the highest percentage.

The Taipei Bioinnovation Park is planned to have 17 floors above ground and 3 floors below ground, with nearly 100,000 sqft, to bring in biotech companies in the middle and late stages of research and development or of a more mature scale, and to build special biotech facilities such as electricity supply, smoke, gas, drainage and sewage treatment required for research and development pilot production, so that manufacturers can quickly move in and operate, and furthermore, they can register as factories and carry out small-scale pilot production planning. An international conference and performance hall, with a seating capacity of 350, is planned for future meetings and exchanges between manufacturers and the international community, and for concerts and art performances to accommodate the arts and culture.

The Innovation Incubation Centre within the Park will invest at least $200 million in the construction of biotechnology-specific equipment and facilities, and will offer concessionary rents for startups to share the resources of the park, connect with strategic industry partners and link up with international businesses, serving as an incubator for innovation in Taiwan’s biotechnology industry. Upon completion, the park will create more than 3,000 jobs and an annual output of $50 billion, which will in turn boost the economy of the surrounding areas and promote local prosperity. It will also attract more outstanding biomedical talents and enterprises, promote in-depth cooperation and innovation between industry, government, academia, research, medicine and finance, and propel Taiwan’s biotechnology industry to the next milestone.

Chairman Huang of Century Biotech Development Corp., pointed out that the Taipei Bioinnovation Park has attracted a lot of attention and anticipation since its commencement. In the future, after the completion of the joint road of the National Biotechnology Research Park, a tunnel will be built to connect the National Biotechnology Research Park to Section 7 of Zhongxiao East Road, which will enable faster and more convenient travel between the parks and closer industrial exchanges and cooperation.

Through the public-private collaboration of the BOT project, the Park will create a multi-functional space for incubation, research and development, trial production and business offices, and become the new core engine of the biotechnology industry corridor in Taipei.

Date: 2023-03-31
Source: Healthcare+ Expo