Ministry of Health and Welfare:Smart hospitals head towards South Asia

The Healthcare+ Expo 2022 will be taking place on 1-4 December in Taipei

The Healthcare+ Expo 2022 will be taking place on 1-4 December in Taipei. This year, through the Ministry of Health and Welfare, more than 250 CEOs and directors of medical institutions from eight countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, have been invited to Taiwan. It is expected that the ASEAN hospitals will cooperate with Taiwan’s medical and technology sectors to accelerate the advancement of Taiwan’s smart hospital solutions to hospitals in southern countries.

At a press conference earlier in April, President of IBMI Chi-Huey Wong explained that with the liberalisation of borders, this year’s Expo will take the industry overseas, with two major focuses: firstly, to integrate with the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Southbound Plicy for Medical and Health Cooperation, so that Taiwan’s experience in digital medical transformation and medical innovation technology products can be promoted to emerging markets in Southeast Asia; secondly, to focus on The second is to focus on the promotion of international medical treatments such as cancer precision therapy, proton and cell therapy.

IBMI said on the 8th that in recent years, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has promoted the New Southbound Cooperation Program for hospitals, and this year, following a personal visit to ASEAN countries by Vice Minister of Health and Welfare Chong-liang Shih, a total of 117 hospital directors and chief executives from eight ASEAN countries were successfully brought to Taiwan, with a total of over 250 people. During the MedTech Expo, direct discussions will be arranged with the medical and technology industries in Taiwan through the event, which is expected to become a demo site for Taiwan’s entire medical technology industry to export overseas, allowing Taiwan’s industry to enter the ASEAN market more quickly.

The Expo will include the directors of the three largest medical groups in Southeast Asia, IHH Group of Malaysia and its three major hospital systems, Prince’s Court, Gleneagles Hospital and Pantai, as well as the directors of the top three private hospital groups in Thailand, BDMS, Bumrungrad International Hospitaland Mahachi Group.

Vietnam will be represented by Bach Mai Hospital, the largest general hospital in Hanoi, Hanoi Oncology Hospital and the Hospital of the University of Medicine in Ho Chi Minh City, while in the Philippines, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, the largest cardiovascular hospital in the country, will also be represented. The Philippines’ largest cardiovascular hospital, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, will also send representatives from Indonesia, India, Singapore and Myanmar.

According to IBMI, the ASEAN hospital systems that will come to Taiwan are looking for three key areas of cooperation: firstly, they want to develop new smart hospitals and hope to cooperate with Taiwan’s technology manufacturers on smart medical equipment; secondly, the representatives of the ASEAN medical systems want to observe the standard of Taiwan’s smart hospitals, and if there is an opportunity, they hope to export the entire Taiwan hospital to Southeast Asia. Finally, the representatives of the ASEAN medical system are also looking forward to visiting Taiwan’s cancer particle centre and introducing Taiwan’s precision medicine and cell therapy technology to ASEAN.

Date: 2022-11-09
Source: Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry & Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy