Perfectly located as both an entry point and a regional hub in Asia.

Taiwan is unique in its blend of western and eastern cultures. A modern, open society with a demo­cratically elected government and western institutions, Taiwan also maintains the traditions, language and culture of the world’s oldest civilization. The ancient art and science of acupuncture and Tradi­tional Chinese medicine (TCM) are still widely studied and practiced in Taiwan, as well in China and through­out much of Asia.

Taiwan is perfectly positioned as both an entry point into Asia, as well as a regional hub. From a location stand­point as well as culturally, Taiwan has access advantages to the most dynamic and fastest growing econo­mies of the Asia Pacific region. The country has international airports with world-class facilities, and deepwater harbors and ports. It is well served by direct international links to nations around the world, and many Asian destinations are just a short, direct flight away.