Advantages and Opportunities

A number of great benefits offered to overseas partners and investors.

When it comes to the biomedical industry, Taiwan offers a number of advantages and opportunities to overseas partners and investors.


• Open and transparent review process for drugs and

medical devices

• A one-stop service window for the biomedical industry

• Comprehensive biotech incubation mechanism and cluster infrastructure

• Advanced, multinational, multicenter clinical trial infrastructure

• Abundance of biotech talent who are familiar with Europe, the US and Asia

• Active capital markets and convenient fundraising channels


• Vast unmet medical and welfare needs arising from the world's aging populations

• Emerging Asian economies consuming more biomedical services

• Asian-specific diseases and conditions to be addressed

• Taiwan is a bridge between East and West

• Potential to integrate with Taiwan's ICT and precision industries

Global Competitiveness Rankings

Twenty-first century Taiwan is among the most internationally competitive, innovation-driven economies in the world. The following list speaks for itself.

Knowledge Economy Index No. 1 / Asia No. 13 / World World Bank (WB), 2012
Investment Environment No. 2 / Asia No. 3 /World Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERi), 2013
Cluster Development No. 2 / World World Economic Forum (WEF), 2015
Competitiveness No. 3 / Asia No. 14 / World Institute for Management Development (IMD), 2017
Biotech Global Competitiveness No. 3 / Asia No. 17 / 54   Nations Scientific American Worldview, 2014
Competitiveness Index No. 4 / Asia No. 14 / 138 Countries World Economic Forum (WEF), 2016
Economic Freedom No. 5 / Asia No. 14 / 186 Countries Index of Economic Freedom, 2015
Innovation Index No.6/World Economist Intelligence, 2013
Best Place for Expats No.1 / World lnterNations, 2016
Top 10 Safest Countries in the World No. 2 /World, 2014